49th EGN Coordination Committee Meeting


5-9th March 2024

 We are looking forward to hosting you in Kula-Salihli UNESCO Global Geopark

The Kula–Salihli Geopark encompasses evidence of more than 300 million years of geological history, from Palaeozoic metamorphic rocks to late prehistoric volcanic eruptions. As such, it represents a field laboratory for the Earth sciences, hosting various types of fault and graben structures, examples of fluvial, volcanic and karstic landforms, evidence of erosional processes and topographic inversions due to differential erosion, as well as rocks from several different geological periods. A physical record of Earth's history is provided here, revealing evidence of significant active geological, geomorphological and biological evolutionary processes.

The geopark is also rich in terms of its historical and cultural heritage, having been an important area of human activity since prehistoric times. Thus there are many geoarchaeological, archaeological and historical sites within the geopark. For example, a Lower Palaeolithic artefact, prehistoric human footprints, Sardis and the Temple of Artemis, the Bintepeler (Thousand Hills) burial mounds and the Kanlıkaya (Bloody Stone) prehistoric rock paintings are some of them.

Enjoy the unique geological formations of Kula - Salihli to the fullest.

Venue of the Event

                                      Meeting Hall                                                                                                                        Ice-Break Party

Deadline for registration : January 26 - 2024